Situation Jukebox - Episode 09

The improvisational music game Situation Jukebox returns with returning champion Tim defending his Hero status against first time contestant Karen, previous champions Stacey and Eric, and host Jason.

The improvisational music game Situation Jukebox returns with TRN Staff members choosing songs in response to specific situations. The returning champion Tim (@oldschool80s) is back to defend his Hero status in Situation Jukebox Episode 09 against four other competitors. Playing along in this podcast will be former champs Eric (@Eric_Vardeman) and Stacey (@geeky_vixen), along with newcomer Karen (@KarenFlieger8) and host Jason (@RD80s).

Using cards from the Boombox game by Buffalo Games, each round consists of a different situation in which all contestants will try to come up with the perfect song. After each choice is given, players vote for their favorite and the winner receives a point. Once a player reaches 3 points, they are in to the championship round where finalists will get assigned a situation and particular artist! Our twist is, song choices all have to be at least 20 years old and cannot be used again once chosen. If there is a tie, votes are tallied again from the other contestants.

Stream all the song choices for Situation Jukebox - Episode 08 on Spotify by finding the Situation Jukebox - Episode 09 playlist.

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