The Run In - Mrs. Hellions is NXT

Today is a Hellions take over as the Masked Library Kevin Hellions is joined by his wife, Mrs Hellions, for The Run In.

Usually, our listeners have the pleasure of waking up with your trios tag team champions for The Run In. Today, wake up with the same person one of the hosts wakes up with. Today is a Hellions take over as the Masked Library Kevin Hellions is joined by his wife, Mrs Hellions, for the entire episode.

Elise Hellions watched the October 21, 2020 episode of NXT as part of the House Show’s preparation for NXT Halloween Havoc. Your usual hosts have years of experience and try to stay up to date on the product. Elise’s thoughts and opinions on today’s show are a fascinating insight into what NXT and WWE are doing right and where they are failing to connect with the audience. Hot Topic, twins, and practice wheels are all discussed.

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