TRN Podcast 035 - 1984 Time Capsule

Jason and Mickey return with another Time Capsule episode on the year 1984.

Jason and Mickey return with another Time Capsule episode on the year 1984. First, we catch up on life and tell you about plans to visit Wayback Weekend this coming May in Atlanta. Then, we discuss the latest Recurrent Events headlines including:
  • THe Saint reboot movie
  • Lark Vorhees being snubbed for Saved By the Bell reboot
  • Hasbro bring back Tiger Electronics handheld games
  • MOTU scaled replicas
  • McDonald's Quarter Pounder scented candles
Our TRN Time Machine segment this week sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube Channel is a Time Capsule on the year 1984! Follow along as we talk about the news headlines and pop culture through several categories including movies, TV, music, sports, and technology. Once we finish each section, we'll toss in an item for our 1984 time capsule. It's a really fun show that you can play along and tell us on social media what time capsule items you would choose! And before we wrap this week's show, we'll tell you about new podcasts and features coming this week on The Retro Network and our Patreon page.

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