TRN Podcast 060: 1990 MTV Video Music Awards

Jason and Mickey want their MTV! In this episode, we review the performances and music videos nominated at the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards.

I WANT MY MTV! TRN Podcast remembers the glory days of MTV and specifically, the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards. First, we catch up on life and also make the big announcement that TRN is partnering with and once again this holiday season! 

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This week's Recurrent Events headlines include:
In this week's TRN Time Machine segment sponsored by the RetroDaze, Jason and Mickey finally bring a music topic back to the show by rediscovering the 1990 MTV Video Music Awards show. We'll take you through each performance of the night and tell you our favorites. Then, we'll go through each award category, choosing mostly our favorite videos that should have won instead of the actual winners. Plus, our feedback army interject their favorite performances and nominated videos. Please connect with @TRNsocial on Twitter to add your feedback to each episode. 

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