TRN Podcast 072 - 1990 JC Penney Christmas Catalog

Jason welcomes Chad and Wyatt to go on a shopping spree through the 1990 JC Penney Christmas Catalog.

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This week we are foregoing Recurrent Events to give you a full-length Time Machine segment, sponsored by the RetroDaze YouTube channel. Jason welcomes two guests to go on a shopping spree through the 1990 JC Penney Christmas Catalog, Chad (@HorrorMovieBBQ) and Wyatt (@infamouswb). We will be choosing items like toys, clothes, VHS tapes, hobbies, video games, and much more! Visit this Wishbook Web link to follow along. Tweet us this week @TRNsocial with who you think picked the best stuff.

But wait, there's more!!! Our VIPs on Patreon will get a special treat this week with a TRN Podcast After Hours VIDCAST featuring 30 more minutes with the 1990 JC Penney Catalog in visual form! That's right, we saved the weird items, celebrity look-a-likes, and ridiculous poses we found for a special bonus video podcast so you can look at all the pages as we talk about them. Become a VIP starting at just $2 (unlock everything at $5) to get access to this bonus show and also get an entry in our new monthly VIP Giveaways!

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