Wrestling Memory Grenade 06: Clash of the Champions VI - Ragin' Cajun

The Wrestling Memory Grenade returns with two more big weeks of NWA action for the year 1989 including the TBS Friday Night Special Event “Countdown to the Clash”, as well as Clash of the Champion VI “Ragin’ Cajun”.

The Wrestling Memory Grenade returns with two more big weeks of NWA action for the year 1989. On this episode, we review the weekends of March 25th and April 1st, including the TBS Friday Night Special Event “Countdown to the Clash”, as well as “that show in New Orleans” better known by us fans as Clash of the Champions VI “Ragin’ Cajun”, featuring the classic 2 out of 3 fall NWA World Title match between Champion Ricky Steamboat vs. Ric Flair.

Plus, thanks to drawing the lowest-rated episode of “WCW” in company history, and refusing to promote the Clash, this episode also marks the end of the George Scott booking era! Things will be a-changing. See what Ray and Steve have to say about the ordeal! 
NWA Worldwide 3/25/89 (00:04:12)
Ric Flair in action! Sting reunites with Lance Russell, and then announces he wants to do the “wild thing” with Ric Flair in the ring. Someone needs to have a talk with the Stinger. Barry Windham has his final NWA appearance. The ARN Sheik? Plus, Ron Simmons makes his return to the NWA!

NWA World Championship Wrestling 3/25/89 (00:12:54)
Michael Hayes replaces Magnum as cohost. Sigh.ANGLE ALERT -Randy Rose has found “LOOPHOLES” and he’s back in the NWA, but Paul E. isn’t as excited to see him back. The World Champion Ricky Steamboat in action. The always entertaining Iron Sheik gets a sound bite. Ranger Ross is simply doing his job. The Great Muta debuts “The Pearl of the Orient” moniker. The Roadies vs. Yatsu & Jumbo Tsuruta FROM ALL JAPAN! Plus, Rick Steiner discusses his NEW BOAT! Great stuff!
NWA Main Event 3/26/89 (00:49:03)
We FINALLY get our very first Clash of the Champions Commercial… and we’re only 7 days out!!! Did you know it’s ABSOLUTELY Free of Charge?!?! Two big matches from the Omni! First, it’s Sting vs. Butch Reed in a rematch from Chi-Tow Rumble and it’s MUCH better. Then, Cornette’s Midnight Express battle Paul E’s SST. Plus, “The Pearl of the Orient” The Great Muta! 

NWA Countdown to the Clash 3/13/89 (00:56:05)
We’re 48 hours from the Clash and we’re treated to a Friday Night TBS Special that nobody knew anything about. This show pushes Steamboat vs. Flair hard, including a debate from champion and challenger, and a special segment with former World Champions and true Hall of Famers, Lou Thesz and Harley Race! Non-Title action with U.S. Tag Champs Eddie Gilbert and Rick Steiner take on Mike Rotunda & Dr. Death. Plus, Jim Ross picks some mystery guests for Paul E’s Danger Zone in the form of the Road Warriors. See how Paul E. responds. 

March 1989 VIP Jobber of the Month (01:15:20)

The NWA Top 10 Parody for March 1989 (01:17:00)
Kids get your parent's permission.

NWA Pro 4/1/89 (01:18:59)
We talk what could have added more heat to the Flair/Steamboat saga. Action involving the new U.S. Tag Team Champions Rick Steiner and Eddie Gilbert, accompanied by the sultry Missy Hyatt (boing!). Six-man tag team action with the Varsity Club. Bob Caudle marks out for the Great Muta’s Moonsault. Plus, who were the ORIGINAL members of the Dangerous Alliance? 

NWA Worldwide 4/1/89 (01:30:12)
World Champion Ricky Steamboat joins Lance Russell as cohost of the program this week. The caissons go rolling along with Ranger Ross. More six-man action with the Varsity Club. First Bob Caudle, now Lance Russell, listen as Lance has his mind blown by the Great Muta. Speaking of Muta, Joe Pedicino tries to get himself over as he attempts to expose Muta’s identity. 

NWA World Championship Wrestling 4/1/89 (01:38:34)
It’s the final show inside WTBS studios. Sigh. And thanks to George Scott, this is the lowest rated episode of “WCW” in show history. Laminated fan signs return! Shane Douglas makes his NWA debut. Bob Orton makes his return to the area after more than 5 years. Ron Simmons returns to TBS. The Great Muta appears on the Danger Zone, while Gary Hart discusses Muta’s “father”, The Great Kabuki. SST squash as Samu murders a guy with a middle rope DDT. More Muta as he takes on both members of the Cruel Connection. U.S. Tag Team Champions Eddie Gilbert & Rick Steiner vs. Kevin Sullivan & Dan Spivey. Plus, Sting captures the TV Title from Mike Rotunda (6 minutes after the allotted time limit) as we get our first look at CENTER STAGE! 

Brian Pillman headed in. YAY! 
Secret Service…. Dennis Condrey? YUCK!
Clash ticket presale is less than 1,000 fans. YIKES!
Conspiracy Theory… Did Vince pay off George Scott to sabotage the NWA? Hmm 

NWA Clash of the Champions VI - “ Ragin’ Cajun ” (02:10:56)
It’s finally here, “that show in New Orleans”! Are we allowed to call it the Clash yet? We talk at length about the big event. We break down the classic 55+ minute, 2 out of 3 fall bout between World Champion Ricky Steamboat and “Nature Boy” Ric Flair. Plus, The Roadies lose the World Titles (and their first match in 4 years). Seeds are planted for a Teddy Long heel turn, U.S. Tag rematch with Gilbert/Steiner vs. Sullivan/Spivey, the Midnights vs. SST, Reed vs. JYD, Murdoch vs. Orton, Iron Sheik vs. Ranger Ross, and the Great Muta has a showcase match against Steve Casey. Plus, who said Michael Hayes was a better announcer than Jesse Ventura? 

Ding Dong, George Scott is GONE! How does someone manage to have Steamboat vs. Flair headline a FREE TV event and draw the lowest rating in Clash history? Turner was wondering the same thing. Scott gets the boot and a new booking committee is formed. Plus, Jim Cornette and the Midnight Express give their notice, and other post Clash news and notes. 

Promotional Consideration (02:55:20)
Free Prize Giveaway News, Follow us on Twitter for your chance to win an Autographed 1989 promo pic of “The Total Package” Lex Luger. Plus, tons of Retro Network news including a Wrestling edition of SequelQuest, Wayback Wednesday Playlists, and WMG’s Ray Russell joins Jason and the gang for an episode of “Bracket Madness” as we decide what the greatest cartoon of the 1980s was. 

We guarantee you things only pick up from here. With Scott gone, the TV picks up astronomically with nonstop action, angles, and fresh ideas. We hope you give episode #6 a listen and come back next for episode #7, when we tackle the entire month of April, ’89. 

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