Wrestling Memory Grenade 02 - NWA 1989 (1/21 - 2/12)

The Grenade is back as we continue to take a trip down the 1989 timeline of the National Wrestling Alliance. This week we dissect the news and reviews from Jan 21 - Feb 12, 1989 leading up to the Clash of the Champions V “St. Valentine’s Massacre” WTBS Special.

RIP James “Kamala” Harris…. Thank You!

The Grenade is back as we continue to take a trip down the 1989 Timeline of the National Wrestling Alliance. This week we dissect the weeks of January 21st through February 12th, 1989. That’s four weeks of news and reviews all leading up to the Clash of the Champions V “St. Valentine’s Massacre” WTBS Special. 

This week we discuss all the comings and goings after the recent shakeup in power. We bid adieu to the likes of Dusty Rhodes, Tony Schiavone, JJ Dillon, David Crockett (say it ain’t so), along with several others. Meanwhile, there’s new blood headed in… including one SCORCHING surprise for The Nature Boy!

George Scott arrives as the new booker of the NWA, but can his old school ways adjust to the modern era?

It’s Steiner Watch ’89! Three weeks and counting. Just how long before the NWA drops the ball on Rick Steiner’s incredibly over character?

Steve Eckstat’s favorite wrestler, Michael “P.S.” Hayes, tries a dropkick not once, but twice! And I do put the emphasis on TRIES.

This week’s episode also marks the debut of a few new features including our sound bite feature, as we have some fun snippets of audio cued up for your enjoyment from the various programs we'll be reviewing. You’ll also have your first listen at the WMG’s version of the NWA Top 10 for the month of January ’89. And, which enhancement talent performed above and beyond for the month of January 89 and deserves a moment in the spotlight? Find out who the VIP Jobber of the Month is.

On top of discussing the latest behind the scenes news, we’ll be reviewing an insane FIFTEEN TV Programs from this 4-week period. We do our best to get you as prepared as we possibly can before we return with Episode #3 and the Clash V Watch-along. It’s a month’s worth of hype with both Clash of the Champions V and the Chi-Town Rumble PPV right around the corner. 

Highlights below…

Championship Wrestling 1/21/89 (00:14:35)
Our very first sound bite, as Jim Cornette declares his Midnight Express Pioneers of tag team wrestling. Then, David Crockett makes an astute observation, as only he can. Plus, Michael Hayes attempts to leave his feet! Fly, Freebird, Fly!

World Championship Wrestling 1/21/89 (00:20:46)
Butch Reed makes his return to the sport courtesy of JJ Dillon, Michael Hayes takes on Russian Assassin #2, and just who will “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert select as his mystery partner to take on Ric Flair and Barry Windham? I’ll give you a hint… it’s Ricky Steamboat!

NWA Main Event 1/21/89 (00:33:38)
All matches from the Omni! Larry Zbyszko vs. Kendall Windham, Eddie Gilbert vs. Kevin Sullivan, and in the main event Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express vs. Paul E’s Original Midnight Express, and YES, there is a finish!

NWA Championship Wrestling 1/28/89 (00:37:30)
Sting tags with Michael Hayes, and in a game of “Top This” Sting busts out a flying head scissors, so Hayes responds by attempting ANOTHER DROPKICK. Bad move for Badstreet. Also, co-host Steve Eckstat asks the question, "What would have happened had Sting gone to the WWF in the late 80s?".

NWA Worldwide 1/28/89 (00:45:14)
Kendall Windham turns on Eddie Gilbert to join his brother as a Horseman… for like a week. A great audio clip featuring Paul E. Dangerously and Jim Cornette in dueling promos. Plus, Michael Hayes & JYD vs. Russian Assassins, Magnum TA interviews Ric Flair about his recent loss to the returning Dragon, and our own Steve Eckstat points out the creepy perverts in the production truck. 

NWA Pro 1/28/89 (00:55:41)
Steve continues to get philosophical as we discuss Magnum TA as an announcer, the Ricky Steamboat “Family Man” gimmick, and why Ted Turner is paying guys like the Junkyard Dog to do nothing. Plus, another great Jim Cornette sound bite. 

World Championship Wrestling 1/28/89 (01:08:28)
ANGLE ALERT! Ric Flair and Barry Windham seek revenge on Steamboat, but it’s Eddie Gilbert who pays the ultimate price. Butch Reed pins a job guy WITH A SIDE HEADLOCK when the jobber forgets to kick out. Reed makes him pay after the bout. Plus, the Road Warriors have a murder squash, Rick Steiner with Alex, Lex Luger, EVIL Kendall Windham, and Steve continues his discussion of Ricky Steamboat: Family Man.

Who wins the inaugural VIP Trophy?

The Grenade debuts its own version of the NWA TOP 10 for the month of January 1989! (1:27:19)
Did your favorite star make the cut? To quote the Gorilla… Highly…. Unlikely.

NWA Championship Wrestling AM Show 2/4/89 (01:32:32)
This is the NWA… We Wrestle! Who are the Terminators? Help Steve and Ray figure out the identities of the masked men.

NWA Worldwide 2/4/89 (01:34:58)
 It’s David Crockett’s final television appearance, or is it???? Steve continues to add insight as he fantasy-books a Butch Reed baby face program with Ric Flair. We expose George Scott’s original booking plans for Ricky Steamboat’s return. Plus, 6-man action with Paul Jones and his Russian Assassins vs. Michael Hayes, JYD & Ivan Koloff (he’s still here?). Eddie Gilbert BURIES Kendall Windham with a single sentence, Paul E breaks out the “Psycho Yuppie” moniker, and Kevin Sullivan gives Tony Schiavone a bit of advice at the end of the program.  

World Championship Wrestling 2/4/89 (01:49:11)
Oh, this show is loaded with little gems. Tony Schiavone is off to the WWF and Magnum TA takes his spot. Eddie Gilbert comments on his broken nose at the hands of Flair and Windham. The Horsemen are no more as we welcome the YAMAZAKI Corporation. Jim Ross can’t seem to leave Pearl Harbor in the past. Jim Cornette compares Paul E to… Hitler??? Sting tries to jive talk Butch Reed in an epic fail. Ricky Steamboat in a Public Workout vs. the likes of Dustin Rhodes. Plus, we discuss Magnum vs. David Crockett on commentary, and someone please help me find the Purple Shades worn by Stan Lane here! 

We’ve also got TWO, count them, TWO FUTURE STAR ALERTS this week. Tune in to find out which job guys are destined for stardom in the 1990s. All of that and Michael Hayes gets politically incorrect as only he can to close the show. We have too much fun with this episode.

NWA Main Event 2/5/89 (02:13:54)
NWA World Champion Ric Flair defends against “Hot Stuff” Eddie Gilbert, U.S. Champion Barry Windham defends against the JYD, and the continuing battle of dueling promos between Jim Cornette and Paul E. Dangerously just keeps on keeping on.

NWA Championship Wrestling (Sat. AM) 2/11/89 (02:17:59)
Big 6-man action with The Road Warriors & Paul Ellering vs. The Varsity Club. See what happens when the Club tries to injure the Roadies’ manager, and Hawk obliterates furniture. Plus, Grandpa Munster has a message for you all.

NWA Worldwide 2/11/89 (02:24:48)
Sometimes taping shows out of order can be your enemy. What happens when a booker changes his plans after already taping episodes that are to air AFTER the big angle? There’s a malfunction at the junction when both Eddie Gilbert and Ricky Steamboat cut promos that contradict the Dragon’s debut. What was the original plan for Steamer’s debut? Find out here! Plus, for better or worse, HIRO MATSUDA SPEAKS!

World Championship Wrestling 2/11/89 (02:32:13)
I’ve got two words for ya… Kip Montana. Watch as this future superstar takes on the real-life He-Man Action Figure Lex Luger. Plus plenty of action, including Reba McEntire’s favorite wrestler… Dick Murdoch?

NWA Main Event 2/12/89 (02:43:34)
 It’s the final show before Clash V!!! Big main event with Sting & Michael Hayes vs. Ric Flair & Barry Windham, and YES, there’s a finish!!! Dave Meltzer claims Heyman and Ross do a better “Bobby and Gorilla” than the actual Bobby and Gorilla. Cummon now, Dave. Plus, Paul E tells Jim Ross he’s worse than David Crockett. How does good ole’ J.R. respond? You might be surprised. (2:48:07)

Come join in the fun as we follow the build all the way to St. Valentine’s Massacre.

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