Wrestling Memory Grenade EP 01 - NWA 1989

Episode #1 kicks off the Wrestling Memory Grenade podcast by examining the entire fallout of the Turner buyout of JCP in the fall of 1988. Then, we begin our journey with a deep dive into the National Wrestling Alliance circa 1989, reviewing both the dirt sheets and every TV program!

BOOM! The Wrestling Memory Grenade is on the air!

The Grenade will be taking you on a weekly trip down Memory Lane as we focus on one promotion and year at a time. Join us as we analyze everything that happened throughout that 12-month period. It’s a mixture of information, discussions, results, watch-alongs, special guests, and so much more.

Tune in to Episode #1 as we kick things off by examining the National Wrestling Alliance circa 1989. (Note: Thanks to my co-host Steve Eckstat for spoiling the planned in-podcast announcement. He literally lets the cat out of the bag within 2 minutes!!!  D’oh)

In our first episode, we’ll recap the tail end of 1988 by discussing the Ted Turner buyout of JCP and the ramifications it had on the NWA. We’ll also talk about the demotion of the head booker and in-ring superstar “the American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. Plus, there’s a new sheriff in town… and his name is Jim Herd!!!

From there, we look at Starrcade ’88 and the fallout it had leading into 1989.

We discuss all of that, plus we’ve tracked down and watched everything we could find from the company that aired between the dates of December 31, 1988 through January 15, 1989. We’ll review all of those results and look into the behind the scenes goings-on as reported by the dirt sheets from that period.

We’ve included a breakdown of some of the results we’ll be discussing below so that you can follow along.
 - Ted Turner buys JCP
 - Dusty Rhodes loses his power
 - Exit the American Dream, Enter Jim Herd

NWA Starrcade ’88 Results and Fallout (00:20:56)

NWA Championship Wrestling 12/31/88 (Sat. Morning Show)  (00:34:37)
Hosted by David Crockett & Paul E. Dangerously, featuring the likes of the JYD, Paul E’s Original Midnight Express, “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert, the Texas Broncos, the Fantastics, tag-team Ladies action, and the “high flying” action of the Commandos. 

NWA World Championship Wrestling 12/31/88 (Sat. Night 6:05) (00:46:42)
It’s New Year’s Eve, so it’s PSA time as Jim Ross, Eddie Gilbert, and even the evil Paul E. Dangerously remind us not to drink and drive!  And featuring a 6-Woman Tag, JYD, Eddie Gilbert, another 5-star classic involving the Commandos, Dustin Rhodes & Kendall Windham, the Original Midnights, the Fantastics, and an appearance by Missy Hyatt. Plus, they give away Starrcade action on FREE TV! What were they thinking???

NWA Main Event 1/1/89 (1:10:25)
Those Texas Broncos are at it again. Plus, the Original Midnights vs. The Fantastics, and a huge main event with World Champion Ric Flair teaming with U.S. Champion Barry Windham to take on Bam Bam Bigelow and “American Dream" Dusty Rhodes!!!

NWA Championship Wrestling 1/7/89 (Morning Show) (1:18:47)
Hosted this week by David Crockett & Jim Cornette. Featuring tag team action from Sting & Lex Luger, Al Perez & Larry Zbyszko, and the dreaded Russian Assassins. Abdullah the Butcher EATS Segment 6! Plus, youngster Steve Casey, Eddie Gilbert, and a fun but short main event featuring U.S. Champion Barry Windham vs. Capt. Redneck Dick Murdoch.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 1/7/89 moves to 7:05!?!?! Sacrilege!!!
A Year-In-Review show highlighting the events of 1988.

NWA Championship Wrestling 1/14/89 (Morning Show) (1:29:28)
Hosted by David Crockett & Paul E. Dangerously, featuring a wild angle between the Road Warriors and the Varsity Club just minutes after the Roadies destroy a pair of unfortunate souls in the ring. 
Other action involving the Original Midnights, Steve Casey, Dustin Rhodes, Kendall Windham, Al Perez, and Larry Zbyszko. Plus, this week’s main event features the odd pairing of Michael Hayes and the JYD vs. The Russian Assassins.

NWA World Championship Wrestling 1/14/88 (Sat. Night) (1:37:25)
! Eddie Gilbert battles U.S. Champion Barry Windham to kick off the show, and it leads to a special challenge tag team match for next week! Who will Gilbert’s mystery partner be???

Plus, we’ll see Steve Eckstat’s favorite wrestler Michael P.S. Hayes, the Varsity Club, The Road Warriors, Sting, Lex Luger, the Original Midnights, Al Perez, Larry Zbyszko, Jim Cornette’s Midnight Express, and Dick Murdoch. All of that and Mike Rotunda gets his TV Title rematch against Champion Rick Steiner. Missy Hyatt chats with the Nature Boy Ric Flair, and the Roadies announce their new partner in the 6-Man Tag Team Championships.

NWA Main Event 1/15/89 (2:02:22)
From the Omni, featuring a hodgepodge of 6-man tag team action in the main event when Dusty Rhodes teams with JYD and Rick Steiner to take on the unique pairing of Road Warrior Hawk, Paul Ellering, and… Steve “Dr. Death” Williams???

Promotional Considerations (2:05:12)

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